Hand Sculpted

from your Photos



Minette Custom Cat Sculptures and Sculpture Urns

I hand shape each of my custom cat sculptures and urn statues

in Porcelain Clay,  from your cats photos.         I do not use any molds.  

More than personalized;  entirely CUSTOM HAND MADE

I create each sculpture entirely freehand in porcelain clay, in my studio.   I fire each one to 2250 degrees f. and hand paint.

​I have been sculpting Animals in Clay for more than 30 years.   I am blessed to have so many collectors of my work who have made it possible for me to continue doing what I love, giving me 30 years of practice ,and still learning!

~30 Yrs ~

Minette Sculptures

Custom Cat Sculptures 

 Memorial Sculptures & Pet URNs

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Please note my website is under construction and all new as of August 2014. -thanks for  your patience.

Please feel free to let me know the good and bad of it.

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​My Studio Supervisor

"Shere Khan"(aka "Sheer Con" when foods involved)

Nefertiti and Bagheera

aka Dr Suess' s thing one and thing two

Sybil prefers the company of statues


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